Kitchens #1 Influential Room

Family life and socializing has shifted to the kitchen.

Where buyer's see themselves talking with
friends and preparing gourmet meals.
Kitchens have now become the Center Stage for home life and entertaining. No longer a closed off room where food is prepared and then brought out to another room.
Lifestyles have changed, as well as, buyers expectations. Stage your kitchen properly and you will be surprised how beautiful it will be, regardless of age. You will not need to spend tons of money or remodel your kitchen to make it Center Stage.
Fabulous Kitchen 3 Necessary Steps

             The first step, involves making the kitchen appear larger; that it has more room than it presently appears have. This involves,        reducing clutter and items on the counter tops, as well as removing extra pots, pans, and other stored items in the cabinets.  
Second step is the proper cleaning the kitchen. Windows, floors, countertops, appliances and cabinets. This is the least costly, but most critical of the three steps.
The third step is adding the Wow. Staging the kitchen. flowers, fruit bowls, and new kitchen towels. Add a little Sex Appeal to entice your buyers.
                 Develop focal points that buyers’ will remember later. Distinguishing your home from others.

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